Who we are?

We are a company dedicated to prevent and solve security problems in the business and personal fields. We are professionals certified by the world largest association of security experts ASIS International.

Our founder and mentor is a specialist in public, corporate and business security with more than 30 years of experience y Germany, Mexico and Latin America.

We are committed to make sure that you, your business and your family feel safe by reducing the risks of loss.


To be a leading group with integral security solutions internationally which offer the certainty to enjoy a trustworthy, reassuring and safe environment to public servants, executives, employees and families.


To be a strategic ally in the planning, prevention and solution of security issues for enterprises and individuals. Our purpose is that you find success in your productive activities with the complete trust that your business or family will be protected.


Our values support business and behavior principles. The most important thing for us is that you feel reassured regarding the professional, social and personal environment. In order to achieve that, our main values are:

  • Commitment.
  • Integrity.
  • Honesty.
  • Reliability.
  • 01

    Risk analysis and design of security strategies

    • We identify threats that endanger your assets.
    • We carry out detailed studies for each area.
    • We issue a diagnostic report.
    • We design plans that consider technical, human and administrative aspects.
    • We implement and improve solutions.

    Audits to security systems implemented

    • Audit Plan.
    • Meeting with top management and security personnel.
    • Fieldwork.
    • Delivery of Report.
    • Closing Session.

    Development of Crisis Plans

    • Formation of special teams for crisis management.
    • Emergency plans and procedure integration.
    • Training for Crisis Management Team Members.